Thinking of taking up art?

art classes, merseyside, southport, ss waverley entering river mersey, liverpool
SS Waverley entering the river Mersey by artist Roy Munday

Many people are put off doing art because they think they have to have a talent for doing it. This isn’t true. Everyone can learn the basics of art, in the same way we learn many things: driving a car, baking a cake, playing a sport.

 I run a number of art classes in the Merseyside area. I’ve been doing art courses for a number of years and the combined groups have now grown into a very lively art group – the Sefton Art Group – where people come together to not only learn about doing art, but also as a social activity. There are no pressures put on people in any of my classes – No certificates to achieve and which take away much of the fun from art and are worthless to most people.

At the same time my art courses are structured according to the needs of each person. As with any group of people, you will find different needs and different abilities. Some people may have done art at school, then nothing for many years, but have a long desire to do it – And that’s all that’s needed.

The course is also useful for 6th formers, thinking of going onto a foundation art course, or degree course, as the course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge essential for doing a degree course – especially the life drawing class. I can teach you the basics, starting from the beginning, learing how to draw up your subject, then on to tonal work, using charcoal. Then you move on to using paint, again, starting with the basics. A few weeks later you will start to learn about colour theory. Once you reach this stage, then you can start to think about working more independently, but with me still offering help and tuition.


As you can see from this painting of the Liver buildings. It’s essential that the subject is measured correctly for it to look convincing.


painting of the liver buildings, from the albert dock, liverpool, art classes
As you can appreciate, a complex view as this, the Liver Buildings near the Albert Dock, Liverpool, needs to be drawn up accurately and in proportion if it’s to look convincing…




beginners art class, merseyside, southport, liverpool, on a social occasion
Members also get together several times a year for social occasions… a meal at a local venue







art class, southport and liverpool merseyside on a visit to the walker art gallery
Also, we arrange both visits to local galleries to view exhibitions, like the John Moore’s exhibition, as well as social occasions.Members of the various art classes on a visit to the John Moore’s exhibition.

Members find visits to art exhibitions a great value, as it widens their experience of art, exposes them to different styles and approaches which can then feed into their own work.

beginners art class, sefton, southport, merseyside
Several times a year, we organise several exhibitions for members. This allows you to see your work displayed so you can get feedback from the public, also to enjoy the odd sale of your work!
back to top of pageOnce members gain skills and confidence, we encourage members to exhibit their work.


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