All classes have resumed.

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Sunset over the Liver buildings.

All weekly and Saturday classes have resumed.

Places for beginners now open. Next intake will be February 12th, 2022.

Also on some of the weekly art classes. 

Yes, past year of lockdown has been frustrating, though many of our members kept at their art, many joining my zoom classes. Now we can commence classes, also welcome new beginners and members. If you already do art, but feel you'd like to improve and be with like-minded people, then contact us. We welcome visits from prospective members so you can visit and see what you will learn.

Continuation of  online Zoom classes

During lockdown, many of the membership continued their art by joining the weekly zoom online art classes. These will continue, as members enjoy the convenience of working from the comfort of their own home. Plus we tend to deal with a specific exercise which everyone can be part of.

The zoom classes. If interested, please contact me.

Online zoom classes.

Tuesday evenings, watercolours. 7pm to 9pm. Fee £10

Contact me for more details...


beginners art class, saturdays, liverpool, southport, merseyside, ormskirk,lancashire
Members at one of our art classes

members on the Friday morning class. If you'd like to visit any class, speak to members, see what they are learning, you're welcome. Just contact me for details.

The venue is: Lydiate L31 4EQ. For more information, click here


 The next enrolments for absolute beginners will be early February 2022. If you are thinking of taking up art with me, best to email me and have your name added to the waiting list, as it's a question of those first on the list get the first preference. Also feel free to come and visit any class to find out more, meet members and see what they have learned.
This also applies to the all day Saturday class starting February 12th & possibly July, held once a month, the second Saturday of each month. This is a full day class, 10am start, finish 3.30. This is an ideal class for beginners, as you will start with the drawing process and how to measure correctly. A must if you want to paint. The fee is £28per Saturday. Then, after couple of months, if you wanted to swap to a weekly class, you could.
  For the full list of classes, venues and prices, click here for more information.

As both an art teacher and practicing artist, many would be artists believe they have to be born to take up art. Not true. You can learn the basics of art in the same way you learn other skills. I run art classes in various locations on Merseyside. Beginners learn how to draw and paint from the very basics, starting with the drawing and how to measure the subject in proportion. This is critical, otherwise you will usually draw up a bad composition, which will lead to frustration when you try and paint.

My art classes are structured so that you learn from the very basics, starting with the drawing process before moving on to painting.

The art classes will introduce you to the many ways you can create art, using different mediums, from simple charcoal drawings through to different ways to create a piece of art, including pen & ink, watercolour, acrylics and collage work.

One of the best ways to learn how to draw well is to work from the life model, so you would have the opportunity to take up life drawing, whether a complete beginner or an experienced artist seeking to move your art forward.


We had a very successful exhibition of member's work in October. The next one will be May 2022


life drawing class for beginners, merseyside, liverpool, southport
A drawing done directly from the life model by Roy Munday when at John Moores University, Liverpool


introduction to life drawing, for beginners and those wanting to improve

Life drawing is the quickest way to learn to draw accurately and in proportion. Why? It forces you to observe your subject closely, otherwise if you get the proportions wrong, it shows immediately, unlike many other subjects, such as landscape. If interested, I run a taster life drawing session working directly from the model twice a year at Lydiate L31 4EQ.  The fee will be £20. Usually this regular life class is £28 per Saturday.

 If interested, contact me for more details

Members are encouraged to participate in art exhibitions. .

beginners watercolour class, member exhibiting at the chapel gallery, ormskirk
One of our members, Lindsey, has enjoyed the success of having one of her pastels exhibiting at the Lancashire Open exhibition held at the Chapel gallery, Ormskirk.

We also run our own exhibition several times each year.

We are planning our next exhibition at the Wayfarers arcade, Lord Street, Southport, Merseyside. Paintings and art work will be for sale. Dates: Easter 2022.

We have several exhibitions each year which allows members to produce paintings and other media and see their work on display. It also offers the opportunity to sell your work.

drawing and painting for beginners, merseyside. visit to Martin Mere wetland trust
Members visiting Martin Mere Wetlands Trust to gather sketches and photos of wildlife for an exhibition held at the Trust.

Members of our group, Sefton Art Group, on a field trip to Martin Mere. The theme was 'Wildlife' .

As a member, you are encouraged to exhibit your work in our regular art exhibitions, or in others taking place on Merseyside and Lancashire, or even further afield. As well as getting your work in front of the public, it can result in a sale of your painting or drawing

Several members are happy to take on commission work

Several members also offer to do commissions. You may have a subject you'd like to commission: a pet portrait is very popular, or a favourite landscape. Whatever the subject, one of our members might be interested. Click for more details

beginners art class, merseyside, ormskirk, lancashire, also commissioned portraits
Several members specialise in doing animal portraits. To find out more, contact us.

art classes merseyside, liverpool waterfront at night painting
Roy Munday with his painting of Liverpool Waterfront at Night


I am an artist and art teacher with many years of experience, in both painting and selling my own work, and running art classes, including life-drawing. I also run exhibitions and other social events so that members can meet like minded people, visit art galleries and exhibitions which will help you to mature as an artist, and also give you the opportunity to exhibit your own work. It doesn't matter if you've never done art before, or if you've been doing it for a number of years and yet still feel frustrated or that you feel you'd like to learn more. Art classes for beginners wanting to take up art classes are especially welcome.

Remember, you can always come along and meet us, chat to the members before making your mind up.

beginners, art class, merseyside, members on a visit to the walker art gallery, liverpool
Members on another gallery trip. This time to the John Moores painting exhibition held every two years at the Walker art gallery, Liverpool. Allows members to see cutting edge art, which can then feed through into their own art.
Pam and Sue on one of our painting trips to experience working directly from the subject

In the summer  months, we visit various locations to enable members to paint directly from the subject. Most people feel intimidated at the idea of working in a public area, so we make it comfortable by doing it as a group which is not only fun, but allows members to build-up their confidence until they feel able to do it either alone, or with several friends.


I run several life-drawing classes on Merseyside including Southport. I also do a Tuesday evening life drawing class(beginners and the more advanced) at the Bluecoat art centre, Liverpool. Please contact me for further details. Also at Lydiate L31 4HL, the first Saturday of each month. This is an all day session. Cost £28. I've been doing life-drawing and figurative painting

art classes merseyside, life drawing class for beginners and those more advanced. Learn how to draw in proportion
drawing done in the life class

courses for a number of years and the combined groups have now grown into a very lively art group where people come together to not only learn about doing art, but also as a social activity.

Life drawing classes, held monthly, first Saturday of each month on Merseyside...
Life-drawing and figurative work is the key to painting. Why? Because it forces you to observe and to measure accurately! I have taught many students life-drawing. Life drawing is the key to drawing and painting because you need to develop a measuring system so you can achieve correct proportions. It pays back enormous dividends for the rest of your life. If you can draw the figure, then I believe you can draw any subject. Believe it or not, even people who know nothing about art, if shown a drawing or a painting of the nude, will immediately see if the figure isn
't drawn to the correct proportions! They will sense that something is not quite right. On the other hand, if shown a painting of a landscape they were unfamiliar with, half the painting could be out of proportion and it wouldn't be obvious. find out more...

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Also, all day Saturday classes

oil painting class ,painting of flower, art for beginners, southport, sefton, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
By Sue Dewhurst,
an oil painting.

The all day Saturday class is held one Saturday per month (second Saturday), at Lydiate Parish hall, L31 4EQ. Times 10am to 3.30pm. Fee £28. Suitable for beginners and those who would like to improve their drawing & painting skills.